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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I thought it would be good to use this heading as I haven't been here for some time. We have been busy with a little girl alpaca that is boarded on our place that has not been able to gain much weight. At about a year old she still weighs a little more than 50 pounds. Her owner has gone to great lengths to resolve this with the vet and we are still working on it. I will try to keep up and talk about new info on this. On another subject that is political...we will try to be neutral on these things but I must say that what is taking place must be a concern for all of us. As alpaca owners/breeders we are very concenred that as the economy continues to erode (what recovery?). There are many out there that are sitting on their resources due to the definite uncertainty about where this country is headed. Corporations are doing this, individuals are, and so are we. We understand. THIS MUST CHANGE! We alpaca owners and breeders must understand that the future of this industry is directly related to the amount of disposable income that the general public has(ya think). This is an industry(yet very young) that needs to be focused on everything from awards to fiber. Without a thriving economy who will want our products and animals??

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