How time gets away from you.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Every time I sit down to the blog entry I'm amazed at how long it's been since the last one! Also how the subject of the day changes. These days it seems to be the proposed merger of ARI and AOBA (nothwithstanding national politics).

We have had alpacas since the late 90's and have been mambers of both organizations at times and more recently just ARI. We have always supported ARI and believe it is an essential organization. I understand the argument that consolidation could bring efficiencies regarding overhead, etc. At first blush it seems that with declining membership and show division income, AOBA may have the most to gain.

To me it seems that ARI and AOBA have two differrent reasons for their existence. How would combining the two change that for the better or worse? If AOBA is hurting for advertizing dollars would that put addittional presure on the Registration and EPD programs? How would consolidation benefit us as small ranchers or the affiliate organizations?

I have read that AOBA is not just an advertizing oriented organization; that sure hasn't been apparent over the years. As was explained recently, AOBA depends on the show system as income to finance the marketing efforts. Interesting.

Still an open mind but leaning towards no consolidation.

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