It's about the fiber

Friday, May 15, 2015

When it's all said and done, alpacas are about the fiber. 

Over the years since they were imported to the U.S., this seems to have only sort of been the focus of the alpaca industry. There was so much interest in these new "exotic" animals that the "specialty" of them became a significant factor. The show circuit became the focus. Ribbons are the thing-right?

Well-yes and no. The show circuit has it's place as with other livestock. It's an integral component of something much larger. But-these animals were domesticated for their fiber and that is what makes them special  Alpaca folks seem to fall into three groups. Those that focus on the shows, those that focus on the alpaca products, and those that just plain like to have these critters (and they are great to just have). There is a place for all in a healthy animal industry.

Well, this is just the start of what I have, but I need to go now-Noreen said that dinner is ready-more next time.

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